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row was married to Marjorie W. Morrow, the daughter of James Wyld

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caused by the resignation of Dr. Herbert A. Chase, who has removed to Toledo,

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Legal Society, and the New York State Medical Association (1893).

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of the founders of the Albany County Homoeopathic Medical Society, having united

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He also served as house physician of the Buffalo General Hospital,

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graduated M.D. in 1S83 with the highest honors of his

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Bullets striking the tongue produce furrows, setons, cul-de-

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winter of 1874 in New York, where various opportunities

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take is better than two you-shall-haves," to quote once more

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accumulated material, which, supplemented by evacuation from

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As will be assumed by the prominence Dr. White 's work and papers

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loss of a life, especially at certain stages of it. It was my

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faces in perfect apposition. The bullet forceps was removed,

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intended to govern the choice and quantity of aliment in health,

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sensible and conservative, and so rich in advice on a wide variety

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1871 Dr. Ward married Nina, a daughter of William A. Wheeler,

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General Preliminary Remarks as to the Classification and etiology of the

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Homoeopathic Convention held in London in 1881," and "The

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His "Thesis on Massage" received honorable mention.

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and the bullet truncated at its base. Its calibre is 8 milli-

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and, noticing that the man had a stiff neck, I added muscular

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can be made obvious to any one who wishes to see, while the

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introduction to Dr. Emily Hunt, one of the pioneers in

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we are credibly informed, to our very great pleasure, that the

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The following table represents in kilogrammetres the

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comedy and farce of life as enacted about her; in the

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tangential perforations, double perforations, in which

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appointments at many local hospitals, including physician to the

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— A freshly removed frog's heart, suspended in the solution,

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the world. During the trip he also read a paper before

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It may be objected, perhaps, that such a work would be

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Neisser's resume is as follows: 1. The diplococcus, or roll-

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the Urethra and Extravasation of Urine, External Urethrotomy, and

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During these years of teaching, by exercising great econ-

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little grains like tallow or rice ; always aggravated by movement

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^ ear and throat, New York City, former Adjunct Professor on

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demonstrated by the germ theorists themselves ; nor can he

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the laboratory or amphitheatre. Many physicians of extensive

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thought that you were going to succeed at once, and that

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the inside all right, and you will be surprised at your success in

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eral of Maryland, 1655 ta i6Soi Lieutenant of militia,

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In the direct line also of Mary Starbuck were Lucretia

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toms whose ultimate cause is probably chiefly to be sought in a weakening

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gives his attention to a general practice he also specializes in internal

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