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eighty-five cases were described, or forty-nine per 10,000, or less than
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occur in the same case. Cutaneous sensation is said to be diminished
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2. Addis: Jour. Path, and Bacteriol., 1911, xv, 427. Sahli: Ztschr. f. klin.
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Case 2 there was an acute swelling of the knee some two months before entrance,
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Munk and by Horsley. The results which were obtained by Victor
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ing the duration of rheumatism. When it shall have been established
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nitrogen), a solution of ammonium chlorid (1 c.c. contained 0.990
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cate that absence of recurrent attack in the second year of the disease
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regulation of the doses. Any undue acceleration of the pulse amount-
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take violent exercise without the slightest embarrassment.
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its characteristic features and looks broad and "spade-like." The
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lets is reserved for a future communication. We were, however,
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make the use of these preparations impracticable (Oefele) . In cases
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in the third decade, two in the fourth, five in the fifth, five in the sixth,
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developing the disease necessarily detracts from the importance of
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first used by Guthrie in 1859. The inhalation of a few drops reduces
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rial pulse in cases manifesting signs of angina pectoris or of a form of
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statistics of Lebert, Durand, Bartholow, and others (as collated by
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trace of albumin with an occasional hyaline and granular cast.
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drunk. Other causes which are believed to predispose to the devel-
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ated vein were attacked by the poison and a condition of periphle-
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are extremely good in cases wherein a less energetic treatment has

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