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all varieties of the disease remit as soon as the individual is brought fully

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The " reactive stage" when reached, is often marked by as speedy a re-

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fever they are present at some time during the progress of the disease.

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Intubation, or operative treatment, may be necessary.

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whole succeeding eighteen, JSTine-tenths of all deaths after the sixty-fifth

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rhoea, from general dropsy, and from uraemia or other complicating

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developed in every other member. This spread of the disease can be pre-

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the anasarca may be developed independent of such exposure. The ana-

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is not the bright red of active inflammation, but dark, livid, and " angry."

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Treatment.— In the treatment of chronic, as in acute, synovitis,

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recurrent nerves. It is frequently associated with constitutional syphilis.

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A certificate of moral character is required of the candidate, before admission

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The passive pulmonary hypersemia which results from the obstructed

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attached to the abdominal wall, opened and drained, providing it does

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cathartic may be administered. The diet should be non-stimulating. If

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torn. Under such circumstances, the movements of the heart carry with

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toriptic, and, if jiroporly aj)pi-eciated, will always enable one to recognize its

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can establish a diairnosis. These are acute substernal pain with oppres-

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1 The thermometer not infrequently shows a fever of 108° to 110° F. for a short time, which sinliS to

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tissue which insinuate themselves into the deeper muscular structure,

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Pott's fracture. The arch of the foot sinks down and is lost. In the

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disturbance at that point. Erysipelas is nothing more than the blood

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urine is usually albuminous. The pulse becomes frequent and feeble ; the

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may or may not be present in the nodules. The connective-tissue growths

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formed, should this occur, interlace and extend in various directions.

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Hypostatic congestion is accompanied by copious, watery, blood-stained

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Physical Signs.— The symptoms Avhich mark the occurrence of diffuse

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ysms of whooping-cough, which have been proposed, and in some instances

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constitutional symptoms, such as delirium, vomiting, diarrhea, and con-

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there is poured out a large amount of plastic material which undergoes

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discouraged from excessive toil and care and giving opportunity for undisturbed

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partly by charring the tissues, which form an eschar, preventing

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the abnormal pressure of the blood in the lungs from the mitral regurgi-

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with equal intensity over the whole upper part of the sternum, and may be

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treatment will depend largely upon the perseverance of the individual.

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nective tissues just outside of the synovial sac or in the epiphyseal

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mation involving the meninges of the brain, spinal cord and medulla.

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tation an air-cushion may be used to remove the pressure from that

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nerve; by manipulation this pressure may be removed. In the treat-

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in differentiating between the two affections. The contour of the syphili-

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cause of the disease, and may excite more or less of a catarrhal inflam-

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It is occasionally met with in connection with lead poisoning. It has Ixeii

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brought into play ; yet the chest remains almost motionless. The labor

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