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palpated. The cervix was rigid and undilated, and the labor pains were
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planting or for feeding If A, «T«b ; b, pupa, niidar atnfan ; e, {rape
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“There’s not a wit of logic in that. Even if you assume
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S't»f^^'^'*r°°' *• '"» "h.u.uonx thTpainiii'i';:
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these was a definite luetic history obtained and only one (Figure
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the blood pressure at all. The effects of arterial hypertension are mechan-
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thirty-five years, there was no law in the state of Ohio regulating
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observation, which he himself has found useful along the
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Everglades scandal and an old man retains an arduous post from
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bility of administering certain bacterins — so-called vaccines (that is to
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O. T. Schultz, in the discussion, called attention to the effect which
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Nurses' Association, Sanitary School Inspector for Charleston Independ-
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a direct action of caffein on the kidney cells, such as is commonly
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fruits of such investigation. Passing to the results reported by J. A.
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under guidance of a careful temperature record instead of the opsonic
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with the true pioneers. In underdeveloped lands, the
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to speak of simple catarrhal jaundice, and yet only too frequently it
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dum vote of the Medical Society of the State of New
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»hape; in fact, have ft l^kfn. ^ ^. """'^ '" '^^ **"' J""*"!*
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fessor of Chemistry in the University of Maryland. New (10th) edition,
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*- inc- « wideCL?,te^%S^S';.'::^*%''JPP''"«'»''» '"'-
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Halsted completely occluded the abdominal aorta o\ a
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perform rotation with the forceps, even when the head is higher than the
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Avenue; W. E. Lower, 222 Osborn Building; J. B. McGee, 420 Rose
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of which are so small that no known organism can pass through
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manner. The chapter devoted to Harelip, Cleft Palate, and Defects of
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muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, near the internal ring.
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year by the Board of Health. Sterilization of the effluents, at
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They constitute the finest organization and equipment for post-
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W. T. Howard, M. D. J. J. R. Macleod, M. D. J. E. Tuckerman, M. D
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circumstances an operation for gallstones is not complete until
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region of the cortex, since it has a better blood supply
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selects the early cases for his injection treatment, thinks that all ex-
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discerning patient who is fully conscious, as well as
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sion announces an examination on September 4 for dental interne (male)
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undertaking would be impractical. Estimates will show that it
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dispensary to which they belong. This plan prevents cases wan-
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