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responsibility of the clinician and should not be based

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Nitroglycerine, again, has produced decided benefit in a number of cases.

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treatment of neuralgia, and to a less reliable degree in the treat-

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1881) states that he has used the nitrite of amyl in

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by spores being carried on to the land during floods, and in

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Licetus^ gives a drawing of this anomaly, and EuefT, in his

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l ? ig. 91. Auricular flutter. Auricular rate 300. Ventricular rate 80. Note the inversion of the P

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from singing with too loud a voice at St. Andre, as he

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pressure, was found occupying the lower part of the

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roasting, were used in the experiments and the conclusion arrived at

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culture fluid and inoculated with Bacillus coli, Calf 302, and incubated

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For upwards of twenty vears Mr. George has used as a restorative medicine

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wife ought to be something of the same type. He declared that

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having returned to nearly its original size; and such cases will be kept

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probably in many instances consecpent on this disease. Dilatation and

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A. E. Gaerow, M.D. As to the condition found on operation in the

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is by no means likely to affect the accuracy of the results,

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hydrogen is the most abundant odd mass in animals (its

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found. Of interest, as showing the smallness of the dose which is some-

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and additions, the daily consumption, the sources, the

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before the Society of the Alumni of Bellevue Hospital.

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nerve cells by means of a fundamental type of cell structure, and the

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inappreciable. Dr. Lazarus having established its claim to be a preservative,

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blood cells 6,800/mm^ with 74% neutrophils, and 26%

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(latnthm. The delepl* maj pmaot biB nniebar rrom tlia fjccreUrr.

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ach ; they do, likewise, if the stomach contains food,

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have been previously emptied by the rupture of the sac, but

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charge, which consists of two distinct portions, one

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the direction of the wind. These facts will enable a care-

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account satisfactorily for the pain. Still, as before said, when the

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weighed quantities of meat attached to threads in the stomach through

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mation consists of small bran -like scales, and lasts from one to two weeks or

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been kept active; of saline purgatives sufficiently often to produce

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