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the disease develop more slowly in scattered groups or foci, especially among
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buildings, for prayer and shelter, have been raised above
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African climate, is the almost constant flood of sunlight which
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saturated by 154 grains of crystallized carbonate of
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Rest is very necessary to avoid exciting an inflam-
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These observations enable us to interpret the results obtained by ap-
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Treatment. First remove any obstruction in the duct
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and their action upon toxines. By John F. Anderson.
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Vital Statistics — Birth certificates for foreign born
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aflbction. I recently attended, with Mr. Ireland, of Artillery Place,
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a time the distressing and urgent symptoms, and prob-
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Take the case of a man of middle age, who had led a
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ascribed only to solid crystalline bodies. These curious
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were heard in both upper lobes, front and back, and
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the symptoms, so I returned to the strychnia, and after a
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Three baths of half an hour each suffice to cure ordinary chil-
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A similar survey of the 304 amniocenteses done here in
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(e) Iron or steel grinders it is known as Siderosis.
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the filth on legs and tail from this source gets into the milk. (Bull. 56. Hygienic
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confidence the existence of diseased supra-renal capsules.
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43. On the Treatment of Drunkenness, Bj Dr. Lk C<edr. (Revae do Th4-
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tion! and it places in a very clear light, the important fact, that a pa-
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given in combination with the bromides are of some service in diminishing
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tice in phthisis ; and the moment an}" person is phthisically disposed
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It is not unusual, perhaps, after an attack of cohc induced by the
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bite tongue; speech affected since second attack. Status
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Punctured zoounds often heal promptly, and especially in
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10. On the Influence of Belladonna on Siveating. — Dr. Sydney Ringer com-
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number of the query when writing anything concerning it. Positively no attention paid to anonymous letters.
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Part 1 of Volume ii., which is before us, opens with an admirable
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years he was demonstrator of anatomy in the George-
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Doveri gr. iii. conf aromat. scr. i. 'm. ft. bolus h. s. sumendus; bal.
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have assigned to that part the character of a third lobe ; it is peculiar to the genus
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the intellects of many while their thyroids underwent
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