Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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for it is like none of the Scfelies : Ser Mont an urn,

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tion. The discussion will be found immediately following the

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it is given to Nurfes to drink, it breeds much Milk

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harder, and Jharper pointed-, but its bottom is like

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whence the Stalk rifes, is of an AJh color, and fome -

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foot and half high, and fomctimes higher, a great many

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other. The Stalk is a foot high andmore, bearing on

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our Purple- Grafs, and is a lingular Plant, fui Ge-

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young and. green , are ufually fold in their Markets,

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to the height of the former, with fhort Leaves encom-

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and fimple Contuftons 5 and is effeflual, being ap-

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well be called Matricis Herba and Matricaria altera

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comes under the police power of the State, which is supreme

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Tuberous Roots are of a dirty reddifh color without,

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and throat lesions, and his writings popularized the designation

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bitter as the firft. They are all highly Stomatick,

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of the MoJJes, and therefore is by them called Muf-

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about a foot and half high , which is divided into Je-

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tvith many Leaves let thereon at diihinces ^ this Stalk

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Sort, called Sanicula guttata minor, being a fmaller

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York urged their use as the best treatment known to him. He

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are fomewhat dij colored, or di ff ering from the color

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in its Root , Stalks , Leaves , CW, Fr/z /7 and manner

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that the green Seed eaten as a Sallet, with Oil, Vi-

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branches of science. Now, Mr. Chbirman and Gentlemen, I call

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color, and fomething bigger : the Stalks have divers

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in them. It refills poifon, and therefore is put in-

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swallowing ; the boy suffered considerable pain even on taking liquids.

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fmall, husky Fibres, and [onto greater Strings among

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ble that it may cure the Dropfy, it given by a wife

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enjoyment, hoping to take with us from this meeting a higher

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a color , but much paler -, nor having a Cup fo large ,

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and manner of its Growing , differs not from the Lil-

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