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•6178 Hartmann, A. Diseases of the ear and their treat-

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is and must be continued, but in smaller doses ; if 300

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with the f82ces for three days afterwards. He was, as may be supposed,

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is constantly picking it. There is marked loss of flesh, anorexia, and

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parent that the services of all the most eminent sanitary engineers

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and thus impeding an important step in the analysis of the

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moirs, composed by the author at different times, most of which have been al-

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are rightly informed of its necessity, is not a question of debate ;

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exuded by the blood-vessels from their contents, at the seat

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having introduced mercurial preparations, began to cherish

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cases designated as "otitis simplex" in the Politzer clinic. This includes

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appreciated, that the knowledge may be used to serve as the foundation

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over a sufficiently long period, that more patients are

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on sufficient grounds. That the evil effects, described in the text, of abstain-

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mass to what proved to be the death of man)*. For the relatives of the dead

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often of great ingenuity, as though it had been desirable to forget that the

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orally. Therapy may be Initiated with 1 0 mg . prior to each anticipated physical or emotional stress and at

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on periodical inspections, so that animals may, at the

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affections of the spleen." He presents conclusive evidences of

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Examinations passed for graduation in Arts of any of the ITniversities recog-

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afflicted children, show frequent and painful examples of

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tracted by exposure at break of day to a heavy dew when

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noToeain-suprarenin anRithesia the leeion waa excised and sent to the Laborator;^

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