Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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We wish to direct attention to the Annuities issued by the

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in the labour, and those in which it results from some condition arising

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upon soil and air of the growth of these trees appear to be well

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very little evidence of any specialization. But if this central

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be expected. Still the evil should not be neglected, on

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The first appearance of the disease had been noticed twelve

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of transportation. There should be at least two as-

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organism and given to the patient seemed greatly to benefit the progress

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of slightly raised, reddish swellings, with raw surfaces on the gums

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Advance supply depot. Evacuation hospital. Evacuation ambulance

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like manner, in other situations, it has appeared to me that almost all those

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4. Biochemic and immunologic tests fail to show any constant

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figures 127 and 128, which I have had designed and engraved express-

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to be some criticism of his methods among those best qual-

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tion, the mercurials will be administered with a fiee hand ;

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affection. " Painful affections (Bichat remarks) have been variously

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the nails are continually undergoing a similar process.

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with some surgeons. Again, after an antiseptic wash-

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Eau de Lavande. — 1. ]\Iitcham oil of lavender, 8 oz., es-

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5 Price-list and valiisble circulars will accompaay each order, or may be had,

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there are undoubtedly cases carefully selected in which

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ful inquiries it was concluded that the ovum had reached the eighth day

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pull it down, divide it by tioo cuts, making rather long flaps, one from each

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to censure even indirectly this new fashionable craze;

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perienced a similar difficulty and because large sections

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which somewhat resembles Friedreich's ataxy, but differs from it in being

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both in Bright's disease and in angina pectoris, and

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policy coordinated or correlated to State and local activities in the

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Many of them were pronounced "unbedingt werthlos" — abso-

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Many horses will remain stiff and sore for days after

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which he had taken of the winding-sheet preserved at Turin

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taining from 5 to 15 grains of the hydrate of chloral to the ounce of

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tures of the lower end of the radius, except in in-

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of the blood. They can also be cultivated on gelatine and in bouillon :

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Bethesda. Flexner's albuminate or Weil's chloride of iron are best to

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more rarely stops the movement too soon. Errors consequently occur in

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the British Pharmacopoeia; assisted by Robert Bentley, M.R.C.S., Professor of Materia

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taken or overlooked. Again and again have I seen a practi-

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doses to control pain. I generally carry a saturated solution,

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