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mark my words, are destined to give to the results, when
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the colon, with diphtheritic inflammation of the mucosa as a frequently
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although in these cases there was a decrease of urine. The baths
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{c) Meningitu is sometimes mistaken for pneumonia, and particularly
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That justly great physician, Hufland, was so warm an advocate of
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ferred ether, and Gross was very partial to chloroform, and
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trifle with; it may cause serious trouble from subcutaneous
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in lack of clients and admirers. Agnew was a constant and
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The most recent authoritative statement is contained in the report of
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at the same time the heart-sounds grow more and more feeble and indis-
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mon to both. That there is a difference, however, in the character and
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but not in proportion to the height of the temperature ; it is full and
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medicine can make no .advance until the laboratory gives us some
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shown. An additional and very great advantage of institution treat-
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Equally influential for good is a pure atmosphere, while, jjer contra, a
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not sufficiently large, present to us the appalling fatality of typhoid
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what, and to decrease the temperature of the water and increase the
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In order to bring this before you, I will tell you this arose in
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among therapeutic agents. The search after specifics still continues,
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seaboard on through the West, we entered California in the
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has recently written a monograph on this subject; his conclusions have
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I have had little experience with transfusion and infusion,
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cities like Philadelphia and New York it was very often epi-
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through the tropics, I crossed the continent in a Pullman car,
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authority to be almost a specific in rhus toxicodendron poison-
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Dilute alcohol, U.S. P., contains 48.6 per cent, by volume of
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at dinner, a very fair allowance, with six ounces of bread
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in his work of instruction that no time is at his disposal for familiariz-
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or not edible) belong to the group of fungi known as Hyme-
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show itself ? " Of course, they say that a failing heart is shown
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almost every sensory nerve may modify respiration. Weak stimuli
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of an antecedent predisposing affection, will aid in its recognition.
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The absence of chlorids is a symptom of little diagnostic value ; and
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and diets, ordinary and otherwise, of the utmost sisnificancc.
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have the Watsoni group, the Marianna group, the Maritima
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schools, not fanatically, but reasonably. Some general
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