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arteriosus. He described them as physiologically asso-
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easily ; it becomes more easily dried and hardened, and possesses less of the
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only at the time of this decomposition. It is not a thing of itself,
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blind. These symptoms continued for several davs. With
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could have been seized upon for his condemnation. Hence, he was con-
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abdomen is empty and flaccid, as often hdppens in colotomy.
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husband and wife, or even, in some cases, by prohibiting the marriage
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*No. 41. — Milk and its relation to the public health. By various authors.
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supporters. Dehio's method, that of having the patient drink
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with a slight tendency to lateral deviation, with some
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saline-solution sprays) or over-the-counter medications,
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The clinical features of the case, in the absence of a detailed
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bercular infiltrations of the lungs. It is also produced by the condensa-
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other abortions had been performed in the same manner
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months it will return again and it will do it in a young woman just
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demand mercurial, or arsenical preparations, or simply alimentary
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' tegumentary as well as subjacent tissues, including a large portion of the scro-
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physicians. This difference of opinion is now known to be due to
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owner must supply the necessaiy conveniences for such a purpose.
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tion could be considered as a cause or simply an asso-
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he excreted an increased amount of uric acid. Perhaps this was so
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interesting addresses of those presented to the recent Congress of
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excess of 68 per cent, for assault by males and 100
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almost all the solid carcinomatous masses, but the early malig-
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to the period during which the maximum of regurgitation occurs,
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ment of the syphilis the clinical and pathological manifestations
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the exanthem, till it became stronger than the child's power
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"reveals the quality of his thought. A noble, upright bearing not only
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peared in the port of New York. While much was then

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