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case. The next morning I found the little girl up and

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their care, become subjects for them to learn upon, and

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revised. Philadelphia and London : "W. B. Saunders Co.

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of the kidneys affecting three young girls, whose respective ages were twenty-two,

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cause, to experience a painful condition of the left calf, producing a

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face is diminished, an unwontedly large quantity of urine ia

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tbe alfeeted animal. The surrounding capsule is frequently calcified.

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death of Dr. Holmes in 1860, he succeeded to the chair of

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troublesome, especially at night. Examination of the chest detects

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generally known, characteristic of this remarkable man.

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obscured by pompous interpreters, by dull pedants, by dreary

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The amount of obstruction of the bile duct necessary to produce these

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large subcutaneous injections of chloral cyanhydrin or hydrocyanic

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Resolved, that the Medical Society of New Jersey supports

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tisement of the course in this Journal and for announce-

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feeble as not to give rise to a murmur, which, however, will be distinctly heard

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The arteries, in some instances, are of a caliber too contracted,

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ing the pathway it has taken out of the delusions and super-

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may cause ulceration, but usually they heal rapidly and readily after

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fluence upon the blood) is sufficient to j abundance about the same time. About a

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position, which ought to guarantee success, brought to this suppliant attitude for

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This book is due on the date indicated below, or at the

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