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Atrovent Beta


ture ! what simplicity of means ! what largeness and
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painter to compose an animal not out of the elements,
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came somewhat distended with fluid ; cedema of leg became
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hardship, but quite anotlier thing to subscribe for
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JIoNDAY Metropolitan Free, 2 p.m. — St. Mark's for Fistula
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There was cj'anosis of the head, face, and neck. On
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been, generally speaking, employed in practice without
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fau-ly retort on my friend, that he has misconceived
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tending very nearly from the umbilicus to the pubes.
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erased from the Eegister ; to render it imiDerative on
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pened. The result of this is, that all staff-stirgeons
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sagacity, and the indomitable energy with which Dr.
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base. Not so the other two ; here in one case there
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exact line of the incision ; and some general remarks
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on complying with the rules for original admission.
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duty upon whatever that is edible is submitted to it
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The following case illustrates the use of the bandage in a dif-
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quire a weekly visit; but the sapient powers at hend-fjuarters
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estimate of that year, while, for the smaller sum, we
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dividual, is still unsettled; and, from this circumstance,
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pa.ssing Tvithout great difficulty. These pelvic con-
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thropy displayed by the getters-up of this institution,
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to be tied at the same operation, lest so many tender
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meet with lions of all sorts, I think of King Jamie
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hand, £2170 ; the Scotch, also, can boast of £3i)0 on
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sist simply in evidence of a certain amoimt of con-
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lungs and congestion of the right side of the heart,
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only can this body of man convert albuminous, nitro-
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to him. He ate freely and with relish, and proposed
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and faintly. Frictions, stimulating applications, ammonia,
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At a meeting of the honorai-y jihysicians and sui'-
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here in the way indicated in the paper — viz., from
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of Edinbiu'gh for educational jjurpose^. have decided

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