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160 sick or wounded by each train. These sanitary trains will
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Consulting Surgeon, Dr Joseph Bell. Consulting Physician for Diseases of
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lessening the induration and dispelling the surround-
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disabled in consequence. He also had seen the case of a well-known pubhc
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cal cases, the majority is, as usual, ascribed to the abuse of alcohohc li-
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central sulcus and its ideal prolongation upwards to the longitudinal
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ceutical Association," it appears that '-Valentine's
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differs from that in the others, as is revealed by chemical examination
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bullets followed. About the year 1862, after numerous trials, an
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the use of strips of adhesive plaster to draw the wound
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arachnoid membrane. This corresponds to an area 1 cm. in diameter
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displayed in securing so far as possible the success of this
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four cases under five years old, to forty-three over
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the Methodist, the Children's, Memorial and the Bryn
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exactness with which they furnished these returns, and I ought not
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is their normal function to transmit ; that impulses in any given nerve only
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the placenta presented ; in 4 women there had been repeated molar pregnan-
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increased discharges from kidneys or intestines or skin (cri-
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authority in Derbyshire. This gentleman condemns the
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Westphal's sign. It was present in 49 per cent, of 65 cases reported by
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of the size of walnuts, and are slightly if at all painful. They may
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ions about the stomach, may produce serious disturlv
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to Sault Ste. Marie, $3.50, Port Arthur and Fort William, $8.50, Du-
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disease about the splenic flexure of the colon, transverse colotomy is the
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In accordance with •' Provisional Instructions for the Treatment of Cases of
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hemorrhages, whilst in some no lesion was noted. In 21 cases the loca-
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creased secretion for a time, and thus favoring the elimination
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with chyluria under observation. Senator's patient was born in
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tin shapes, and then the melted gelatine is poured in until the container
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To simplify the experimentation, therefore, hydrochloric acid
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Investigation of the blood of the patient shed no light upon the
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the practice of selling such articles could not be stopped
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practitioner and stating that he has personally exatnined each of the
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view of the opinions advanced by the prominent members of the great-

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