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That laryngeal and pulmonary syphilis may run its course
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flammatory afl'eclions of the cornea, where atropine
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In the opinion of Gilbert this heredity is a crossed one and on
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position by two elastic cords attached to the Belt, (as shown in the Cuts,) and being supplied with Adjust-
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first and second labours were difficult, requiring instruments, but the last;
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the base of which was at the angle, and the summit at the cornea.
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practitioner — say of the dispensary doctor in some remote country
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liver is sometimes enlarged, and may be tender on pressure, but in my
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Academy of Medicine of Cleveland, on Friday evening gave a
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under difficulties. I saw in it how intense was his interest in all which
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and superinduced by some agency that disturbs and deranges
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a constant change in the vellum palate, dividing and direct-
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transport" vessels in which the wounded were brought to England ;
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transferred to the surgeon next on duty, the earth dressing in either case being
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differ essentially from that of " diathesical" tuberculosis, is perhaps the result of
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great credit for their endeavors to advance the science of medi-
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' With regard to the urethral opening of the bladder, Mr. Guthrie observes,
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perfectly relaxed, his face livid, pupils contracted, extremeties
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tire environment be changed. The mind must be relieved
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is made, O how earnestly, to mothers especially ;' as by a
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Many reasons, in fiict, have hitherto opposed the introduction of
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I shall now, as briefly as possible, advert to one or two
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base line and will be similarly marked. The tents will now be pitched.
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The grafts in this case consist of thin slices of the epidermis, as long
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attacked him when he entered the third time for only a few minutes. This
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parison of corresponding points on opposite sides of the body. When this
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the Division Commander, on the 23d inst., as required in par. 15,
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least reduction of the oxide of copper in Trommer's test. Since then
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and everyone was requested to proceed to the courtroom.

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