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Mr. Durham's and Dr. Moxon's case, in one month ; secondly, by the impaction

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hospital and particularly for the beginning of activities in the Out-Patient

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definite records of onset of pellagra during pregnancy. For the 101

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their recollection, that in their youth, they had experienced muscular

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and in the left side, there was nearly a litre of similar effusion. Thus,

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either as an early or late sign of the disease. In the majority of our

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They are being bred and advertised as immune to hog cholera,

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windows for a few minutes; in such cases the patients should be

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the younger of two children. The mother is of a nervous temperament. The

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in the urine. The evidence on this point is conclusive that the

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scrubbed with caustic potash, as recommended by many of the oldei

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result might be disastrous. I suggest a very accurate method of

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Otologist, St. Agnes' Hospital; Instructor in Surgery, Jeffer-

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of the serum to be tested. It is best to inject two mice with each of

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The more advanced stage of the process is this. The spindle-shaped

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apartments, the authors experimented with an invalid

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natural result of a fault in the arterial tension or as a re-

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The undermentioned Temp. Capts. retire in the British Isles:

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complete that there is urinary and fecal incontinence. This

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We have said that our patient suffers from anorexia, a word which

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