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stool is generally encouraging, it cannot be confided in when it is
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Finally, the treatment of the most severe forms is briefly
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syllabic qualifications, one ver}- much needed being a word
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Total number of blind under age of 15 per million is ^^^S-
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severely rebuked. Too many are inclined to believe that all that
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necessarily s}Tnptomatic, on the lines generally applicable to
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ranged under the heads of improper diet, impure air, deficient exercise,
complications of intrathecal baclofen pump prevention and cure
regular times in order to prevent/delay diabetes complications and/or find diabetes
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gastro-intestinal inflammation by aggravating that lesion, but they
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State or write a plan to use for low blood sugar, high blood sugar or sick day management.
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lung, at the time of death; by some it was said to be hepatized
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Professor Troisfontaines considers that strychnine ought to be given
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2. Besides you, who else could give your friend help and support with her
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State 2 potential problems for the mother dviring pregnancy.
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termine how far their complexion may be dependent upon them.
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houses were confiscated and replaced at the pubhc expense.
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pretended improvements of modern surgery, it is most necessary to
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Begins (5, 6 [f. '38'] r°. lines 1-3): p [in a space left for an illuminated initial] ractica
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found in pancreatic cases. The large amounts of acetone and
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history is important, as it may serve to aid in ferreting out the
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the Physicians and Surgeons of Guy's Hospital, London. — The French
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illuminated initial] ARmina quondam studi | o florente peregi
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gilt-tooled edges, sides (lines) and panelled back, Dr. Wm. Hunter's crest in the lowest
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treatises in the several departments of Natural History, to which
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view, of the work of Dr. Webster, on a very important and neg-
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[these last lines are repeated more correctly below] : E£eo-n; iirrj tqIv t to°o . . . o- kcu rijs yrjs
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On ii, 1 r°. in a late XVII. Cent, hand : Sam: Woodforde | © XVI.
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many intelligent men should have been cheated by a trick, so
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touched with gamboge, no marginalia, clean, cropped, otherwise in excellent condition,
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slow taper from baclofen
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the patient a large bladder, which is connected by a syphon with

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