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and possess a strong bitter taste somewhat like horehound or
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for twenty years but even a fourth is earnestly recom
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Disinfectant a new Virginia Med. and Surg. Journal
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entirely to horses by special movement license and even
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classed under the general term typhus it was not until that
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ICdward Sprague Peck aged sixty eight years. Post.
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terferes with their usefulness and injures the cause of reli lt ion. We
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Setting aside exceptional facts I shall now conclude what I had to say
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well as a third case in an adult in the same house
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In Pomet s Complete History of Drugs dedicated by permis
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Street. During their residence here the construction work of installing
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soon proved the correctness of the diagnosis. I saw the
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sufferers from it. At the beginning when the real nature of the trouble
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nounced in its favor and in cases of an anaesthesia to be
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that experienced five years before from a similar operation. The anes
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It has iDvolved a waste of properly to the amount of
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gar using one or two quarts at a time introducing four or five
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founded on too limited information and a more extended study
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soften and easily break clown under the linger. Not unfrequently they
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In the treatment of these diseases. Dr. Johnson insists upon two indications
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is followed by coma and sometimes by sleep. During the attack the patient
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and a drachm of tincture of opium two table spoonfuls to be
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variously described by different writers but which have been shown by
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of acute poisoning occur to workmen engaged in hand
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cerned there is experienced after a time if they are to suffer from
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and chest bring on more or less marked dyspnoea which becomes extreme
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After careful deliberation and anticipating man of the dan
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tions that the primary lesions are always in the viscera more
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physiological movement of convergence in a horizontal plane necessarily
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than otherwise. Since these accidents always occur when folks are
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sanguine secretions yielding to the moderate use of mild purgatives
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renergic blockade which may theoretically result in increased penile Inflow
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Having at command no special climatic data for this
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restrictions might without any hardship whatever be made. They
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place directly into the peritoneal cavity these did not present
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specific cause the Klebs LcfHer l gt acillus. While this has appeared many
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two fold office of the lungs in inhaling Oxygen and exhaling
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breakage will not delay the testing. He should also have the

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