Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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of these stories which obstruct the current of the narra-

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such cases. We have Spiegelberg's authority to make,

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accuracy, but the error only diminishes as the square root

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induce pigmentary crowding [encomirements pigmentariesl ; but it

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similar illustration in one of his experiments, and, like

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perature frequently occurs; 109 F. has been noted a few hours after death.

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infected to healthy animals, which means, in other words, that when the ticks are

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tion to out-door life, will be most likely to bo effective when

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of the derived words, " protease,'' proteose," etc., and it has, after all,

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The contributors to this third volume are Drs. Gorham Bacon, D. Bry-

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Ailing, Arthur Nathaniel, B.A., Yale, '86 P. & S., N. Y., '91 New Haven.

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then, as he describes it, he " felt an impulse that the gift

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specious guarantee of respectability. This gives a leaven of

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cut through. This accounts for the heel of the foot, without the

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secure concealment and evade the penalty; but the columns of

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sides; there is no Babinski response and there is no clonus.

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This little handbook is one which may prove very useful to

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cosuria in dogs by the removal of the salivary glands,

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Jensen, Joseph Edgar, a, w, sp, Momence. U. of Illinois; Monmouth C; S.B.

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The softest pieces of sponge should be selected, each piece being large

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currents of sewer air % Are not all the cases, in which it has been sup-

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well in acute articular rheumatism, but on account of the difficulty of apply-

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Troublesome in garden crops, perennial; "hit it with a

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to eight ounces; or dilute nitric acid may be used — strength of ten

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.2Mj. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Assistant Professor Kellogg Speed.

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laboratory handbook, has attemjited a survey of medical

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