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Chloramphenicol Use


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5. The presence of blood stains upon the clothing is of weight
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As also interesting in considering this subject of bony
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that destroys the susceptibility of the population to small-pox
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married Dr Alexander Eose, physician in this city, to Miss !N'elly
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best made in the inner half of the rectus muscle, for splenectomy it is
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rest combined witli suitable dietetic and medicinal treat-
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varies with the severity of the other symptoms, and especially with the
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primary disease may arise in the spongy portion of bone, especially in
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They were about eoually divided between the lobar and bron-
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lymph nodules. The circulating tubercle bacilli cannot find
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which met fortnightly in one of the French hospitals, gave
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and contains clots floating in it of greater or less thickness. In
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series. J. B. Lippincott &Co., Philadelphia, 1902. Canadian
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period (of two days or so), before conjugation sets in. The important fact,
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The patients had hitherto suffered no pain or uneasiness of the
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found a distinct relation between the two. He states in so many
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the cessation of life. It seems that when the lungs
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uncommon experience, however, to find that pa'ients
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In some cases it becomes necessary to make a small incision into
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stomach. The urine was scanty and high-colored, the -specific
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corrected. Without correction, esophoria 8°, abduction 5°, ad-
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muscle. P. fold, the anterior pillar of the fauces.
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It was noticed on the day of birth that the legs were disproportionately
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cases, or deal with subjects of little interest to the medical profession
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of New York, had arrived to join the clinic staff. A
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lished by Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, Pa. Price, 75c.
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volume is read off. In normal individuals the volume of the red
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after swallowing the dose run into the street, and escaped the vigilance,
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lame criblee. Bull, et m6'u. Soc. iVau§. d'opht., Par., 1885,
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alone was greater than one hour in 23% of the patients
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a few days without any apparent equivalent cause, it may be
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reason why he prefers the amputation is, that should he sud-
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when he was taken sick. (This is a of the so-
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can usually be recorded by the end of the third week. The patient
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half-an-hour, but he did not completely recover the use of his limbs for four
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need not be regarded ; for, as Mr. Fisher observes, if all marks of former dis-
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provide additional facilities to the extent necessary to
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these bodies may he seen to revolve in one direction and then in an-
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