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Chloroquine Phosphate Fish


first seem to have but slight effect, but, in a shorter or longer period

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nostril and the nose, and any form of nasal obstruction may seriously

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Tke Siloer Wedding Gift to the King and Queen. — Provision for

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from that in lead-poisoning by the pain which accompanies it, being

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authorities have provided themselves with disinfecting

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the fluid comes in contact with the fauces it is expelled with violence,

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however, need be apprehended from this drug. A patient should

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ceive something from, and give something to, the whole arch; but let

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well, he is not so, because when some physical or mental strain occurs

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dictates of prudence and conscience, and soon die away : but

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proportion. Section ix runs : *' The professors named in the first column

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irritation when applied to the skin; but likewise we find this law opera-

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his profession, and in recent years he had taken hardly any

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1 in 2,000, and the displacement reduced. Chloroform was

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their programme of study, and that mental disease is not reiiuired as a -

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physician to St. Thomas's Hospital, and he was in full ex-

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during an attack, being usually neither irregular in rhythm nor changed

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eventually see a generous rivalry between the official and the

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necessarily be fatal. A further confirmation of this theory is the fact

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of temperature. Some severe examples of this kind I have found occur-

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Affleck. Dr , mvxrederaa. 411 ; diseases of the ap-

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of the East Anglian Branch, and William H. Cooper-Patten,

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its circumjacent edema the temperature may rise rapidly, but within

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instead. Some have hoped that autogenetic vaccine cultivated

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dropped to normal, and respirations to 24. I was afraid the

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stay on the stomach, while the stools become bloody. It also causes

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not like the relapsing or changing forms of ordinary gastro-intestinal

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The vestibular nerve enters directly the lateral side of the pons

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ing had extended to his scrotum ; there was no pain, and he

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9. Knowledge of a woman heated are her eyes bleared (?)

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race, Sunderland. — House-Surgeon ; doubly qualified. Salary, £30 pec

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(Jase n -A you ig lady of 17 was brought to me in Msy, 18^1, during the

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a long interval is left between the removal of one and that of

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