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quite young, and the artery must be secured before the gland is

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sunstroke, but it was probably his first epileptiform

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namely, in cases where the tumour threatened the life of the

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from this paper that, in operating, the incisions must

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There are exceptions, but the general rule is that repayment

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pelvic roof, and the presence of a tumour is the rule in his cases, and not, as

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dullest eye that they are the beginning of the end. A consider-

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upon that which is the fruitful parent of the worst offenses,

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night, and dreaded going to bed for fear that she too might die suddenly.

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of conviction, the punishment need not be more than

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The author states that his is the first attempt to frame a general climatol(^ of moun-

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The above objections to the titration of blood plasma or dialysate

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shore. As the bank of the lake is several feet higher than the ground in

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After discussing the differential diagnosis, he con-

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tine. The discharges are numerous, usually comjiara-

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have the presence of pus in the cavities, — the pleural abscess

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in which the parasites disappear from the circulating blood, degenera-

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dew, as the psalmist saith, He who doth give beasts their

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far the greater number of cases recover. But pneumonia, peri-

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i Bead before the Denver Medical Society, December 7, 1886.

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signed by some reputable physician, stating that he is insane. A judge

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tion ; and we can hardly apjireciate the statement in

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high perquisites for their undoubted skill. There are also

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that there appears in the urine a number of substances foreign to

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light pressure will be sufficient to govern the horse, the action of the hand

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have known the practitioner first take alarm from observing that

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