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are recommended in the treatment of anaemia in con

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The lioma opathic practitioners of this city and tlieir

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the desired data the writer is happy to acknowledge

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believed in a period of complete rest and then in slightly active

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terial oxidized in the body and an accurate knowledge of

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ty TfOBMiwa MMijr ymn awy bat in his lectures he make no

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lowish fluid perfectly similar to that which during life would

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cated thirty minims of turpentine with the smallest purgative dose of

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water has been found by Pernice and Alessi to render relatively insusceptible

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its perpetuation is followed by insanity or epilepsy.

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another and more probable manner. If the blood be accumu

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both clean the blood will spread itself evenly between them. No

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just when to expect their feed and should not be dis

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cold stage of ague. There is also some reason to believe that neuralgia

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the tin shop the stove shop the upholstering shop the tailor shop

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to return yet life will probably be prolonged for some months by

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alone from the powerful action of the muscles of the

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principle of his experiments is the same as that which he

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several surgeons of large experience including Mr. Pick

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Liebig and Fownes be disturbed or rather if but a comparatively

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feigned many remedies as we have already observed. Of what

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tivations were obtained on various nutrient media blood serum jellies

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ment of these parasites. Much credit is due to the chief of

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Spontaneous onset as a result of exposure to cold and diarrhoea

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latter was l. in the month of August whilst the least in this

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belonging to the same type that is the strains that absorbed the

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