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contraction which could not be overcome entirely by the use of
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area in aiding in the diagnosis of tricuspid stenosis, just as they are
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she is very apt to bruise herself and to rub off the skin from her elbows and
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f vaterl. Cult. 1897, Bresl., 1898, Ixxv, 1. Abt., med.
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I shall not attempt to arrange my notices of the principal
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manifested violent exacerbations, which increased in fre-
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special operations can be performed, and the value of galvano-surgery
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not being then needed, would not be found in its place when its services are
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justice of ihem ; nor have I had any reason to depart from, or
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study in rats and a 21 -month study in mice showed no evidence of
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author unfair and likely to mislead. Cases of cancer (a malady very likely to
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of papers, interesting cases, etc., and their discussion
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UniversUy of Pennsylvania, — There seems to be great disturbance in
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solicited to contribute such books, periodicals, etc., as shall be of
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When the book reaches a second edition we recommend Dr*
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they will be opposite or reversed if cephalad surfaces are
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paroxysm. He will be unwell, feeble, perhaps nervous and
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clean pages of the for reporting the results secured
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attend upon the first stage of this disease, no less
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This we think is really putting it rather strong. We
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A considerable number of bacteria produce ptomains. Ptomains are
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i-cpsus (Nicolaus). Medicamentorum opus [etc.]. fol.
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inflammation with or without the occurrence of pus. Some might
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she rallied from the effects of the operation she felt great relief, and
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greatest attention on our part. If the section is devoted to
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quite equal in territorial area to the original drainage-limits
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among troops during peace and war.| Voyenno-nied. J.,
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to the numerous tubular suckers, and to the stomach placed beneath
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fortable to him as may be, and will thence give the nag his
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Infantry, to be as8t.-surgeon, with the rank of captain, April 23,
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permitted to display at the window a banner bearing the coat of arms of this
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Flushing or sweating of one cheek and dilatation of a pupil may
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by Messrs. Selpho, Weston, Marks, and other American
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The formula we use for calculating the number of grams of carbo-
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extension and careful nursing, was one in which the vitality of the
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from the secondary diffuse variety. Bennecke states that pneumonia
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ch-'micil eximtaatioa, to proceed further in the ex-
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consuming and were conducted in recent years by the Pharmaceutical Develop-

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