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Prognosis. — The prognosis will entirely depend upon the nature of

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Amputation of the Penis is performed for malignant disease. Treve's

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of recovery which may be expected. The sensation which has been

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be relieved by the proper osteopathic treatment. Cancer of the

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from chronic peritonitis, which often complicates its development. Both

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chancre or the virus may linger upon a drinking cup or it may bo intro-

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marked its premonitory stage disappear, and now even a retarded pulse

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sufficiently often to keep the wound dry. It will then heal more rap-

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of desquamation the surface of the body should be frequently sponged, and

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largements are apparently the immediate cause of death.' The inguinal

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long continued there is progressive emaciation, until the wasting is greater

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readily pass out with the urine, but is delayed in the system for considerable time, and its antip3'retic

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lead to a suspicion of fracture. If any of the viscera are involved, the

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the ileum, but sometimes the whole intestinal tract is involved. Patches

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extension, together with rotation, abduction, adduction, and flexion.

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will usually soon be recovered from. Porter is one of the best tonics in

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contents, and only secondarily as antipyretics. Phenacetin is not so favor-

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ious " or " sick headache," and the patient states that he has had another

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volved, the vomiting is soon after eating, but when the pyloric extrem-

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mation of the skin, not affecting the connective tissues and muscles and

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Morbid Anatomy. — The pathological changes of yellow fever have much

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They may contain a clear all)uniin()iis fluid ; .sometimes it is gelatinous,

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with in the later stages of typhoid fever. Active delirium is frequently

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seldom seen in the larynx. These ulcers may be situated upon any portion

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present. When dependent on valvular lesions, the treatment indicated for

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instrument into the liver, claiming that it may excite a suppurative process

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may be talipes, perforating ulcers of the foot, or more or less complete

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there will be a strong tendency ^t this time to a repetition of the paroxysm,

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may, in addition to breaking the bone, destroy the soft-parts down to

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Passive cerebral hypersemia is marked by headache, dizziness, vertigo, and

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If there is great shock, localized pain, evidences of internal hemorrhage,

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of attack with distinct intervals between them. Following the chill there

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and eirtilaginous texture of the mass. After involving the muocnlar coat,

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they will he found to have undergone degeneration ; their coloring matter

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consists in the descent or prolapse of a portion of the intestine into that

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The vomitus is in the nature of coif ee grounds, due to the action of the

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than six hours a day for six months, except under special circumstances. In

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tis, gastric ulcer, and intestinal perforation, the shock of the perforation.

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Differential Diag^nosis. — The existence or non-existence of a murmur

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It has been questioned whether a person may not have a second attack

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