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and would effect an immense Baving of life, health, property and reputation"

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the middle line, like herpes zoster ; and this last is not isolated. We

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situated in a most unhealthy locality in Altenburg, and which was

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pain — diffusion of the area stimulated, retardation of the appre-

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twenty-six papers^ of which the following are abstracts :

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upon which the world is turned! Give a people wealth, and sickness, murders, sui-

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perfectly homogeneous, and is probably only an expansion of the

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This is a typical instance of the so-called "latent" or "silent"

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proceed to a consideration of their uses in the animal economy. God, the being of

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bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb," saith the Lord. —

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by what are called the affective sensibilities, that is, the pleasure-

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in bed -/* and in case 43 the eyes would " twitch much " during

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type of aortic insufficiency. The patient at some time apparently

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into the throat, and in the latter part of the case the symptoms of

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disease improves, remains unchanged, becomes more severe, or

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be made accurately to have any significance. Weigh on a chemical balance

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which assigns the former to the latter in the relation of effect

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among us. The report of the city inspector of the citj of New Fork giv

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existn - supposed thai theymight arrive at station by becoming sickly,

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psychical, mixed and physical causes. The psychical and

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there was apparently some delay in the detection of the stimulus

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This is^ of course^ a state of things which calls for reform. The

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in the present instance because almost two-thirds of the red

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ity of the body, and that from thence there is a gradual descent as before there had

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thrown off through the medium of menstruation, they remain in the system to

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cancer appears in other parts, if the pelvic organs be fixed.

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digestive organs, as well as the circulation and breathing. Hence girls from the

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tinguish one j (c) the lateral pushing away of a horizontal piece

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little more than 18 per cent.< were idiots, and he contrasts these

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From what ! have Baid, it will be seen that though tho lungs bo wounded thej

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may be thoroughly cured m two months. A shorter period is in-

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