Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu



the expectation in the selected healthy districts according to the last

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find them full of valuable practical hints. The third


the total duration of suffering averaged hardly more

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ounces and the patient was perfectly comfortable, except that

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It seems to us, as a natural and necessary consequence of this, that

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{g) Paralysis of the Median Xeuve. — This nerve is

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further relax the peripheral vessels and lessen nerve sensi-

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traordinary way ; he could not see how such a strong

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but, with noses as keen and teeth as sharp as Dandie

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the number of students, it has been a severe strain on their

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bottles must not be corked tight at first, or they will be liable to burst,

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tumors occasion the passage of melanin in the urine. It

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the passage of the Marine Hospital Service bill, which was then

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undue importance to external appearance ; in other words,

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“1. The graduate physician serving as intern or resi-

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Dr. Moore, of Rochester, gives a paper on Section of the Femur

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discards which the breeders considered as unfit for

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in the nipple line. No systematic examination of the heart and

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while hindering the expansion of the chest, also hinder

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all been personally tested, with the following results:

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In this variety, unlike the last described, the auricle instead of going off

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diffusible toxemic powers, these experimental patho-

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It is proposed to inaugurate at this meeting a section

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tinue taking this preparation, but he is kept supplied with

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every two hours with a solution of permanganate of potassium,

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that the patient's serum, red blood cells and comple-

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i progDods, it often betokens some amelioration. It is not certain

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the circulation, accompanied with comparative deflciency of energy in

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be done, the edges of the wound should be carefully trimmed,

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some forms are just as dependent upon this element as are the higher

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time was lost to communicate the glad tidings to all

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before coagulation from the ear and in defibrinated blood drawn from the

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At the time that the woman, whose case I have mentioned ahove,

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It is possible that patients may even recover from strumous glands, or

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