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this view they mention the observations of Strathy and others on delayed
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connecting tube clamped. The other glass tube does not reach the liquid, but
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A half-U shaped incision is made from the anterior superior spine
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of a uremic death for more than fifty per cent, of the patients. It
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a tendency toward a decade higher than the median for that group,
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these 114, about 71 cases came to my knowledge, whereof in
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accessorie. [On a mixed tumour of the cheek derived from an accessory
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in April 1910, the pelvic colon and upper part of the rectum below the
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view: (1) the relative proportion of deaths from the various
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Not only is interference with the flow of bile a most serious condition
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who had an abdominal tumour which appeared to be a large bossy tumour
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drawn several minutes later, but about 150 were left. The following
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bosis based on clinical symptoms : (1) Cases of instantaneous death in
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Attempts have been made to correlate the action of the active principle
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The depression of alveolar C0 2 was accompanied by marked air hunger, and,
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Marie, P., et Levy, G. Le syndrome parkinsonien dans l'encephalite lethar-
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sensibility as are sarcoma cells, yet Kehrer finds that in treating carcinoma
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The dissertation concludes with some very just remarks upon
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the subcutaneous tissue of fragments of elder-tree pith, small tubes of
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dysmetria and discontinuity of movement. As to the characters of dysmetria
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1911 and 1912 was the number large enough to exert a decided
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Leischner, P. Uber kongenitale Stenose und Achsendrehung des Diinn-
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when it is seen that both were found together in 54«3 per cent, of all the
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type. The internal organs and endocrine glands were likewise propor-
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(Breisgau) and Erlangen schools and the radiotherapist is warned against the
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months before radical measures were instituted. In such cases
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Whipple, A. O. The use of the duodenal tube in the pre-operative study
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20 years of age and three young men) were affected with declared syphilis
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therapy in these lines. Until a few months ago it was true that cancer
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stage of the disease). Vomiting associated with headache and
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case suggests that the mixed infection of pulmonary tuberculosis may, in
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We are particularly indebted to Dr. (Jrulec for iiaving furnished
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patients died subsequently, and 28 developed an empyema. In 113 instances
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was united to the rectum and the sigmoid flexure excised. The general
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blood destruction may be differentiated. It is probably in this

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