Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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his mind, Dr. Arnold was informed that Mr. N. D. Morgan, of Irving-

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therefore may promote gastric digestion and appetite. The

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of the alkaloid — the most stable salt — is made by adding

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The chest remained almost unchanged. No evidence of elTusifjn,

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sicians ; who, on examination by the microscope, told her that it was

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study of medicine foithwith. It was the custom of country physi-

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ciated. The address concludes with a stirring appeal to the patriotism

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sy. Asserts distinctly, that he has no pain whatever in any part of

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T' : Secretary were apptjinted a Conimittoe to communicate to

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to consider the late Circular No. 6 of the Surgeon-General of the Uni-

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Jean de Vigo, Fr.; rotlies quecksilberoxyde, rotlier priicipi-

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been destroj^ed by the shells. She then went to Washington, where

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recited in their hearing. It would, indeed, appear, that alike in the

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osum, P. G. ; arsenic trioxide, white arsenic, arsenicum

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Potomac, and coidd not have had any disease which would have af-

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Bacteria are killed after three hours' exposure to a

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ponding plane surface of its shield — the expanded portion of the probe.

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ral pieces of bone, varying from half an inch to two inchesnn length.

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a retention of the menstrual fluid ; an opening with a narrow bis-

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housed in spacious barracks, which have been erected on our camp

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Internal. — Stomach and Bowels. — Tartar emetic is a

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