Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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tective power probably give more accurate quantitative indications of

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the nurses as then constituted would play the part of family doctor.

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simply a question of how far this almost universal passion

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A 46-year-old diabetic schoolteacher was admitted to

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nant aphtha, happily cured with hemo-aphthine, were very nu-

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expense of the cellular substance (protoplasm) be the rule, the same does not

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point of view. I show in this table the numbers of pauper

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for the period of some thirty-six hoars, I could not detect any other

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culty; no T.B. found. June 28, 1913— Tested with tuber-

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medicine. Encyclopaedia oj Sport Sciences and Medicine. Project of

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rouse suspicion of typhoid fever in a doubtful febrile condition.

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The answer is not difficult to find. If the clinical investigation of

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adopted in this country by Paget, (see Lectures on Surgical Pathology,) no

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been able to constitute the presence in the cutaneous

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spicuous from the intensity with which it has taken the hematoxylin. The

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common and that it is by no means immediately fatal. Indeed it is one

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were mucus, there were polynuclear leucocytes present ; the fluid

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water — at Iquitos the rise of the river is about thirty feet at most — and

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only a manifestation of the former, just as are] the glandular con-

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originate at other than the sinoauricular node are abnormal, and pro-

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T. A. Starkey, M.D., D.P.H., Dr. H. C. Jamieson, Edmon- Mrs. C. K. Russell. Mont-

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of dementia. In eight cases, no morbid appearances were appreciable in

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