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fauces. No rash on body. The pain in the anus comes on

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it had shown no abnormality before this date. The headache

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is capable of arrest by means of efficient local treatment. On the other

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submaxillary triangle, in which situation, on the left side, the

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even in midwifery cases they will give a large hono-

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By the serum treatment, the course of the disease is shortened in those

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With ferric salt's it makes "ink". For salts of alkaloids and anti-

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in the brain entails exhaustion upon others which have not been in

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Roberts, A.M., M.D. Philadelphia : Lea Brothers & Co., 1890.

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ingr the secretion, as well as aidinsf in its elimination. Still

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who are affected in this way, are habitually costive and

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The sponsoring agencies as well as the committees on

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exercise in pasture, and of rolling on the grass, cannot fail

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Sci. ; Obstet. Soc. Bos. Phys. City Hosp. ; Lecturer on Forensic

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surgeons tell us that septic and putrefactive organisms in a wound

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In one case, the dislocation became compound from sloughing of the

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hi- Bubject, and the -tage of the disease, for its trial.

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arteries is necessary to carry on their circulation. At a certain stage of

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Korner, of Leipzig, in 1876, published an elaborate paper in the

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fingers are also similarly affected — not all equally, however ; the index-

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few minutes while I go on talking. You will see when I take

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through the great sympathetic, exert an identical action upon the vaso-

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factors it might seem that such is the case ; but on closer scrutiny we

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to the subject himself), even when a considerable amount of

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absent, even if a cerebral hemisphere be occupied by quite a large cyst.

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their weights vary. This is evident from the formula — — which

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say that it is rather a verbal than a real explanation of the phenom-

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nation in domestic animals, especially cattle, horses, and sheep. As

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ress of manual training since the meeting of the Asso-

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being pressed backwards by the finger which is explor-

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sacred associations had been effected. Delos, where

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Take sulphuric ether 1 ounce ; sweet spirits of nitre 1

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182 of the cases, made two years after the outbreak,

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