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the other rapidly and visibly. If no measures were taken against

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\ow-, sinee no earliohyilr;ite is lieinir inuesleil, ami the limly stores of ihis

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8. Luff, A. P. : Gout, Its Pathology, Forms, Diagnosis and

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seen an instance of a carcinoid in which keratiniza-

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end of forty-eight hours. While there is no definite

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all the totals showing decreases when compared with 1905. Th^re

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rigidly enforced and to report any establishment which failed to com-

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tract infections, is available at the Merck exhibit. Booth 64. Information on

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This s;ro,vins; out of nerve fibers from their .-ells is the essential na-

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the secretion of the saliva may readily be inhibited by all kinds of ex-

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only by the hei)atic artery. The animals live for a considerable time

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iMiiils, ill. .11..' uitli' Milts iin.l ulx.'.'iiii.'. it m:w f-"M"l 1'.^ '{'"l"'' ' "'"t

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box is capable of evolving a certain amount of heat, representing its

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excreta had to be introduced into or removed from the apparatus. A

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2 cm. and through which fecal fluid has been discharged.

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the dry district is followed by immediate improvement and frequent

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all, by the replacement of the elastic fibers in the media by granidation

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with aiii.'iiiciitiiti'>ii of llic ut.'ius, it must e.intain epinepiiriiio.

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provided with all modem conveniences. The sewage system connects

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layer of bone is ccmposed of Havenian systems deposited in radiating

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to maintain and improve the specialty nationally and locally,

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Fig. 4. Case 1. October 10. 1947. Minimal exaggeration of

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b.v Allen, who states that such iii.jcction seems to have a valuable mitri-

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was swung violently up and down and from side to side; the mus-

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A wide variety of newly released Squibb preparations for prescription use are

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A proposal was submitted by the ‘Division of Health

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observations on, article by E. O. Schroeder 181-196

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The meat inspector is a fourth class. He is expert in pickling, salt-

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000; white blood cells 9,400; Hb. 35 per cent; differen-

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elect the new directors and then that another meeting

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