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simultaneously and others after intervals." This is a new and

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phils with very fine and numerous granules, (3) mast cells and

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Fig. 5 From the fifth lumbar segment of the spinal cord of a cat, killed 24

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structural differences exist in such organs which, while we may not

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Now take the femoral end of the dissected superficial fascia in one hand,

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Treatment of Hydatids.' Basing his paper on his experience

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perfectly healthy, the children bom will probably be unhealthy ?

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a writer, "are organically prepared for a fretful, joyless childhood, a nervous

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even though unattended wdth hsematuiia. In such cases it is usually

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turing the subclavian vein, and lightly packed the wound. The

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irregular line at the joint end and above it a curious transverse zone

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sagrada in some palatable form, or a regular daily dose of

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183. On Thoracentesis in the Treatment of Empyema. M Gosselin . . . 200

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the chances are that in nine cases out of ten you will find an injury of

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and then showed that the interruption of vagal nerve bun-

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that if they are caught selling a drink to a soldier when an ' Out of Bounds'

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Croup : its Cause, Treatment, etc.— Contains matter which should be in the

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tracted and rounder. The eye clears up, but is smaller than be-

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use. We have found that -a solution intermediate in alkalinity be-

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is excellently illustrated and clearly written, and takes rank among

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still the disease found its way in, for the possible leakages

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assume the previous existence of a tolerably well-marked degree

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of the most troublesome affections of the external auditory meatus is the for-

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