Notícias que você viu e que você nunca viu

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( D ) Epithelial detritus or cholesteatoma visualized against air

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spectacle of raising up with one hand what it is smiting down with the

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attribute all her troubles to a disordered menstrual function

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drinking are different among men and among women. In con-

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in a linen garment, go out and wash in the well. He

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sores on the udders of cows. The Hsemoglobinuria of

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Though the hormone control of the circulation is undoubtedly of great

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at this time, when the body is falling forward, the

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Dr. Bishop offered the following, as an amendment on the altera-

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This bo 3k is made up of a series of lectures deliv-

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Rain fell on 9 days to the anu)unt of .757 inch, the greatest fall

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plasm alone stained. In animals the ferment is not found in the white

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symptom of several dissimilar conditions of the stomach attended

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The patient's diet should be regulated ; nourishing food being

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nervous fluid a veritable liquid, which was, as they

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is supposed to further the deposit of fibrinous layers.

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of instructions from the Board of Sick and Wounded, Avhich now had

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negative results. T/is amount of urine passed in twenty-j'irur hotirs was 900 c.c, »jk

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vegetable diet. While he pursued this,^ aad restrained

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received the following clipping from one of the Canadian dailies:

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spread from place to place could no longer be traced. The disease diffused

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ever slight, and considering the forms of the canals through which

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misled in my understanding of the case at first, as the statement

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The following directions are given for preparing the catgut : The raw gut

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Fayetteville, gave an account of a very delicate color test for mor-

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to take up his attention, he eats and sleeps and lounges around for a few

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directors also include Drs. Monod, de ]\lartiguy and Masson. The

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mony of those two spalpeens, whin I can bring more than fifty

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cal groups have expressed intent to purchase, build, or subsidize "f ree-standi ng"

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a time with the aid of residual sugar ; at best, however, it would

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