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belonging to the class " tremores." " The case bore a general resemblance to those
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(see 'Proc. Eoyal Soc.,' Jan., 1867), from experiments, came to the
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of the careless empyrics and unprincipled quacks that infest our country under the
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Thorax. — ^The pericardium was universally and firmly adherent.
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snow. A great part also of the period under consideration has
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to this by way of indicating a defect, for both the subjects of
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always satisfactory in every case where the possibility of a cure exists. Experi-
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virginity of the country '.' — or is some inferior class to be sacrificed to the demon of lust
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on the sides and tips, and later the papillae atrophy until the
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Finger-to-toe test: This test was performed with precision on
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various species of gasteropoda, as the eolis and flabellina, in which the
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before the ages of three and five years ; in the second period of child-
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of the cholera in her midst, is unfortunately not known. " Pro-
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urticaria and roseola, co-existing along with chorea and probably
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a half inches long. In the second £ase, there was nothing to
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the ages 20 to 30 — "the beauty and hope of life" — far more die than at other ages.
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to distinguish themselves, were they required by the departments
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bone, and the knee is most commonly the seat of the disease ;
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fashion through such kidneys. Regarding phenolsulphoneph-
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persons, it is probable that, as th^ spinal marrow and the ongm of its
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carried out transfusion may practically be promised in most
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Gen. chap. 18 and 41, and 1 Sam. chap. 16 and 28, we learn that venison and the
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Ireland, we would ascribe some of this reduction to the excite-
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harlot indirectly cause the downfall and destruction of thousands of her own sex,
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most richly connected with this part of the brain, namely, the
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in from one to two minutes ; a solution of one per cent, of nitric
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response to the polyuria test. Only a good response on the
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from the crown of the head to the centre of the umbilicus. The
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Two months elapsed and we were summoned to the child
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gums have also albuminuria, it is almost certain that he has
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strychnine effects manifested themselves with the^r^^ as well as with
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into accounl manufactories, breweries, steamboUers, etc., it is difficult to Bay.
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For the speedy and permanent cure of irritated, inflamed, ulcerated and tuberculous
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in by far the greater numoer of staphylomata, the new formation is
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frequently a cause of consumption. Therefore, we should strive to preserve to our-

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