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confluent, forming the larger nodules. With this increase the centre of

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artificial ice is insignificant, under the prevailing

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the obstruction was situate in different segments of the upper bowel

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Illustrated with 10 1 engravings in the text, and four plates in colors

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moiM^l). [L. seMtnoi^des, fr. Or. afyjafiov seed of

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and greater, until finally he could no longer enter the

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fungus, found in different infectious diseases, of that nature

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elevated, so that the body rests only on the sacrum, and this position,

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promise him their aid and co-operation. In this way the

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The prizes in medicine and surgery were distributed

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psychiatry which the author displays. He illuminates every subject

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sores on the skin. The patient becomes extremely emaciated,

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marked rise under the anesthetic to 148 mm., with a subsequent drop

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the observer sees the light come moves in the opposite direction, viz. from

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More recently physicians have also had to fulfill the

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