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had received an ordinary board school education, during which and since
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might and ought to be assumed. The man in the street, or his
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extend to considerable depths. Where all the salts are
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clinical subjects and were not yet eligible to take Part II,
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ing account of the state of our knowledge regarding the blood, and details
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An aspirating needle was introduced a little in front
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never a bandage of any description applied to his leg^ either
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the contrar)-, the fistula tends to enlarge. Various means
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ceased. Microscopically the author adheres to the views laid down in his
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the site of injection, which is not especially painful. There may be a
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shall be submitted to the Council, and, if approved of, shall
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stream to the minute drizzling of water from orifices
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cases observed was thirty. The doses given were from
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grew somewhat self-assertive and arrogant as he ad-
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Everett A. Tyler, Ph.B., M.D., F.A.C.A., Professor of Anes-
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analysis of this group of cases, relates to change of habits as
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gelsemium). At the end (if four days the pain completely dis-
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voyages in after years, and their various incidents of
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year, so that it is rarely found among adults and aged persons.
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on her hands, and he feared that the disease was ir-
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ning into its mouth and nose, as it would do if it lay on i^s
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The repeat study showed no extravasation of contrast mate-
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seem wise to discourage practical attempts to make a
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it with the saliva and rub it away with the nail of the finger.”
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moat nll>bl«,iiaedbr tbalaadCigpbfiloIuM^ tUaot^; potnpla
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central, circular, and movable pupil. 2. The acuteness of
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division of activities became necessary, and the sepa-
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blister was applied to the throat, two doses of calomel were
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Abnormal TPFR 0 (0-71) 54 (33-69) 0 (0-16) 89 (72-98)
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the physical work conducted in private gymnasia by Dr. Sar-
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anastomosis, at least in the hands of the majority of
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tissues, and in this way arrests the further progress of the phthi-
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or testicle of the normal guinea pig or rabbit have no cultural value
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])rofuse diarrhoea, which lasted for several weeks, and caused his
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depression of the right hypochondrium, imparting to the abdominal

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