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lobe. In these toxic cases more than half of the thyroid must be
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Surgical Treatment. By James Berbv, B.S. Lond., F.E.C.S., Sur-
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were given. On the thirteenth day she had another rigor,
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means which would not derange the general functions, the disease might be
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it is freely soluble, but is not affected by acids or
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moval of laryngeal tumours, I particularly noticed the forceps
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for six months and usually after a short walk has not
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To this time it had not " quieted the system " ; but the neuralgic
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The London Sukgic.vl Home. — The following letter
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without prejudicial effect, either by injection or spray, in all the nat-
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a mistake to think that the powdered flies should be mixed
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zone of congestion. They may become as large as a small pea. [Sometimes the
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before the days of ambulances — and she had to be brought some
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curved into a hook, or wrought into a little tail, the ex-
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and inconvenience which attend the ordinary treatment for prolapsus uteri.
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a man who is vigorous in handling infectious diarrhea at the begin-
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In their trail much sickness and many deaths. The need of assistance
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length of time before healing; (3) for cases compli-
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lute, when, in other words, the function of the auditory nerve or centre
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— John B. Murphy says that an American, Dr. Leon-
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brought to his mind must at all events feel profoundly dissatisfied
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the normal, more or less marked and corresponding with
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one, its real nature can 'easily be demonstrated ; but if it is
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and the exposure of the raw surface to the action of the air, are
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The conclusions reached by Borrel seem to us to contain
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the most successful operations in the country. Dr. Carl D. Neidhold, of Appleton
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The result is that throughout the whole length of the nerve and its branches
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be removed with the gouge. The bleeding is trifling. The limb
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her son came from a distant city to take her home. It
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"The abdominal sections were performed by operators of
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follicles, having a hair or hairs j)rotruding from their centres as in a
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In one of my cases an ophthalmoscopic examination was
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Flint, Jr., in regard to the admission of new members,
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Also: Union med., Par., 1883, 3. s., xxxv, 1085; 1098.
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syphilis maligna nor gravis regularly follows any of the above-mentioned
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early to verify this prediction, but for years the very large increase in the
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Chemical Attraction, or Affinity. — This is the attraction between
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found that this false fluctuation, as I had supposed, was due to fibrinous
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answer satisfactorily the inquiry what effect on cholera the
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cu8.sion-shock was felt. The respiratory murmur was feeble or
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tions. The first point in entering on the treatment is to ascertain if the
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degenerate ; while on section of the corpus callosum the fibres of the
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commonly, however, he gets rapidly worse both in mind and body, and
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Chahcrt. Description et traitement du Charbon. Paris : 1780
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the morning and evening temperature is about 1-8° F. There

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