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been fully worked out. The dorsal part of the hypothalamus

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acutely febrile, with marked constitutional disturbances. The epidemic

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analyzed in the form of the ester. It also may be converted into

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develop in the cervix. They are either sub-mucous, interstitial or

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selves and their friends and children, and it will be a good in-

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the body of the syringe a fixed handle at right angles, which enables

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The bad habit of attaching men's names to anatomical

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her family history, and no case of consmuption had been known to

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or, at most, twice, the matter again accumulating. And if I had

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2. Dunham, E. C. and Bierman, J. M.: Care of premature

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have the same relationship to certain cutaneous cancers that the

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than in this volume, in which, in too many cases, no reason is

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Calomel is purgative and alterative ; but in the table we

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Infrequent; Centennial Valley, August 18, 1895 (No. 1716).

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reading of papers and to discussions in the sections of the

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lacerated and covered with star-shaped fissures and ulcerations.

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munization. Moreover, Theobald Smith 27 and von Behring 28 have

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dispensably necessary^ but I sball take the liberty to

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The fifth annual meeting was held at Cortland, Thursday, June 6, 1889.

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outer parts of the cord along with the external limiting membrane.

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fect of reducing its size. In the stage of efflorescence

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Fig. 21. rre_/>o;iema />a//i(iz^7;z under the dark-field microscope.

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proaching. In such cases the shock remains or is magnified in

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entitled to say something about the place which ophthalmology should

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and soups and fresh air, rather than by the use of drugs.

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complicating pneumonias. These pneumonias were not greatly

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thigh, slight aff'ection of the anterior tibial group, and

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experience the general paralytic who commits theft does so from a con-

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never yet been diagnosed during life ; at all events, if any one

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exert some special counteracting influence that prevents them

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tion, and 4 percent of patients developed blurred vision.

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the ablation does not require an amputation, it is merely what

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one week after the onset of the influenza. For a time she had

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than in the othci'3. The 9th case was a very severe one follow-

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of 1 foot between the tent ridge and the fly. The fly has a width of 18

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orifice, into which it was impossible to introduce the

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