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agent reported that the preparatory work for the an-

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regards the work of the Psychical Research Society as of more than

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thing connected with the wound itself, as confined pus or abscess,

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The " London Lancet," years ago, uttered but the simple truth, when, in

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upon the direction that knowledge takes, and above all, the

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able irritation and the production of a persistent and abundant

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muscles and the tjiigh, and is the point for pressure

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was varied and far reaching ; that little escaped liis observation ; and

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of the brain namely, that although, as a result of the epinephrine ex-

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up the disease anew and terminate fatally. This period

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if they are to achieve through their own initiative

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in their resisting power against venom. The antivenene-producing

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no means unusual at sea, and we were finalh- forced to

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decomposition, as Mitscherlich has shown, the alcohol enters direct

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those which are curable. Bulletin 41 announces the discovery

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occupied a position in the front rank of the profession, and was particu-

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"In doing this I shall chiefly confine myself to those views of it

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continued from time to time for more than twelve months, Mr. Hulke finishing

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twenty-four hours are to elapse before the next dose ; when half the quantity

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ease, perforating ulcers of the feet, and abductor paralysis in the larynx.

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random population of patients suffering from epilepsy, as

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any alteration in the bile or evident lesion to explain the migration of these

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fere with the specific gravity tests, and also showed a

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would utterly fail to express the anguish many of them suffer during the

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We therefore thrombosed the vessels with a very dull-red cautery

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bacteria were also the cause of the contamination of the milk with the

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It is worth while considering, however, whether such a course is

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has cough. Patient is covered wnth scars of former abscesses.

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laboratory profile which included a sedimentation rate and

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UMD-New Jersey Medical School, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1982. Selections

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333d and 334th verses of the seventh book of " Ovid's" Metamorphoses,

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Under treatment he improved greatly. A short time since he

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times it happens in the case of a large corporation that it will pay

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breakfast; it consisted of an old tin pot of musty coflbe,

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capable of rendering great service in operations upon the bile

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