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and tendency to be driven in various directions. A case of gun-

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— arrives — leaps to the ground. However, thanks to the albumen,

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with a two-wheeled litter, an old Esmarch triangular

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issuing from the mushroom body stalks in a plane just posterior


strictly individualized, as patients vary widely in

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applied on the spot for the operation, the skin cover-

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ful narcotics in daily use have failed to accomplish, in the

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Koch — his unwillingness to fully and honestly accredit the

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stimulates accommodation; diminishes intraocular pres-

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not be benefitted by iron, are few indeed^ and we see this illustrated

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whose registration and approval as a physician’s assistant, has


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but in the Almanack, at page 485, there is a curious mistake,

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peared from the flanks, back, neck, and sides of the body, and the

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to put in slings. In local treatment cold water along the spine is rational;

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laxis in the infectious diseases of childhood, (i) It must be adopted

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vagant, unsatisfactory, and dangerous. A manure dump is gener--

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tubuli, adduces their orderly arrangement next each other, like

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members of the Society, strangers from a distance who have

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of life itself. Emile Fischer in his classical researches on the sugars,

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medicine this has been exerted on the profession and though the peo-

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{Read before the Medico- Chirurgical Society of Montreal.)

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cepted, twice daily, with a ten to twenty-five per cent,

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died six weeks after his resection. The autopsy findings showed, in

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treatment and course in every case of typhoid, just because it

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me. I would divide the psychical and physical endowments of

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Resolved, That the members of this Association, as recipients of the

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words, where we attempt to deliver a normal head through a flat

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are sufficiently clear to be in a measure conclusive.

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promised to visit the boy did not arrive. In the course

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must be considered in this connection. Reported cases seem to

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Pericarditis. Acute pericarditis, either serous, plastic or purulent, occurred

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moved by the h}tpodermic needle is unfailing as to the production of

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Read at the annual meeting of the Southern Minnesota Medical

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cutting down from the loin the posterior layer must be divided,

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