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be taken as an establisned fact, that digitalis acted as a stimulant to the circu-

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aggregate form; he prescribed R. Acid, muriatic, fjij ; Syr. simplicis, f^iij ;

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other methods of treatment, when the latter were carried out as carefully and

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A Valuable Invention. — The London Lancet says : Litmus is an

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one sitting when the uterus is large and subinvoluted. He aptly remarks

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Fiant pulveres vj.. Signa. One to be taken twice a day.

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tubercular meningitis, and 2 to disseminated tuberculosis.

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three or four days, till the adhesive inflammation is established.

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found pleasure too, though of more sober kind, in frequent

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This brings me to the second name which I naturally

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removed, and also upon the duration and extent of the com-

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salt of uncontrolled lacteal and sanguineous engorgement.

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very like this is brought about by the application of

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the pick of the Euroj)ean or American experts, as it is

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into the butts of two bloodletting needles (Fig. 1). All parts are of

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may occur more rapidly from an intercurrent affection, commonly

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common characteristic when they were fully metamorphosed: they

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Lupines, though most rich and nourishing, are not culti-

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point raised by Dr. Doran comes in. It is well known that

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well marked at the right lower border of the sternum, and at the

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My previous intimacy with many of these families, and

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are many advantages in giving them as the daily drink (F. 357,

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