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corresponds, and shall regulate the rates of lodging

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reports of tlie Eegistrar-General will show an iucrease

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mint water to 2 oz., at bed-time. Castor oil next morn-

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assizes. Dr. Vale presided ; and Mr. Godelen officiated as

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The composition of the calculus was almost pure uric

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and as her bowels had acted that morning, I gave her

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fluence ; is not certain if chloroform has added anything

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placed for external exfoliation by natural processes.

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case, instead of being actuated by a blind empirical ad-

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legitimate births •'J,793, the deaths 41,020, and the mar-

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Vatson, William, Esq., appointed Honorary Surgeon to the Lan-

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gree; and whatever may be his views respecting its loss

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" At a retiring and comparatively quiet corner of the

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Mr. Fry followed in the same strain, and stated that

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timable blessing which this nation has long enjoyed in

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carbonate of lime unite, coalesce, or become aggre-

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to employ the word to all and every case generally, no

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We would call the especial attention of our readers

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been increasing gradually to its present dimensions for

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is excellent. It is not liable to afl'ect the digestion, and

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and slowness, so as to avoid unnecessary rupture; the

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of it, I shall make it the subject of a short lecture, de-

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system 10 London and other large towns is now under

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chlor., besides a Lotio Ammon. Hydrochlor. Spiritu-

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In a case under the author's care, Mr. Fergusson punc-

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stances not requiring the Society's aid, he will have

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as it appears of a scientific mare's nest to the considera-

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vanced iu favour of the very same inference, and yet ht-re is on", of

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