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ceous matter. A year later the patient remained free from recurrence.
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Eeucoma. — An opaque cornea; it means a whitish condition of the
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the general circulation by one of the several anastomosis.
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tific methods have placed at their disposal, and avoid the disappointment inevitably resulting from
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has not been ascertained ; although I believe it is exceed-
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tions and resources of the animal economy. We may presume, how-
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hone ; and when all the nourishment has been sucked out of it, the
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" main en griffe." This state, which was first explained by Duchenne, is due
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Whereas, The census reports indicate that there has
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in various forms of constipation, that I would call the attention of
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In order to examine the hind foot, if the animal is at
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2. How can we minimize the difficulty and dang^er ol
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tassa, given for three days also, did not operate as a diuretic. This
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respiration, those connected with the jirimcv vice, and those of
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much greater if the practice of planting small potatoes
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parasites. We are not prepared to state what the cause may be. It
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of lectures on the diseases of children was made by Dr. William
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sights that this world, with all its madness, can show only on rare
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statements in regard to these curative processes have been based
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pocket of the feeder but also to the system of the fed, for
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operation even in cases in which there is apparently sufficient expectoration
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physicians — the dangers of such treatment, where
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Avithin five years and Avith Avhom the cases had associated specimens
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came from plants that were muddied or that were submerged at
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art of medicine, he thinks that revolution is taking quite too headlong
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