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come of care is particularly important for chronic dis-
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lute its waters, is to be deemed guilty of a nuisance puni.shable-
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course to pursue, the dimensions of the pehis should be
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of which all the other operations had been looked upon
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(1876-7), 1881,600-625, 2 pi.— Williams (L. L.) A case of
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>lie8 especially to the salts of quinia, of which the sulphate is the one
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Dr. P. C. Williams gives three cases in which uterine hemorrhage was
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metatarsal bones entering into each cone, as they ap-
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The box cover has a crystal top, and is fastened with elastic
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Certain veins behind the external angular processes of the
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an outer border of t^'mpanitic resonance, the width of which is determined
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might be termed temporary reliefs, or "flights," as
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their friends and the public, for the extensive patronage
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those we have just been discussing. — Med. Times and Gazette, Jan. 3, 1880.
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this, when she was confined to bed for two weeks with pyreiii.
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system: — (1) That the use of glasses is prohibited during the
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protruded. Thumbs drawn in to the pahns, and fingers closed on
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adhesion had formed between its two sides. In other respects
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expenses of recovery as regards the past and the future"
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results of the influences producing them, and it is
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means of a strictly antiseptic technique he was able
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unhealthy child, two years of age, who had just recovered from a
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author, and the people, have been deceived in that one person can bear whal
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his experience in an interesting little work. In the process of mak-
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treatment of ophthalmia neonatorum when the case is
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34.5% of arsenium. The enthusiastic praises it has received jus-
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referred the case, informs us that he had no further attacks.
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puscles o the blood. That the petechi.^ on the skin were no*,
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children" and on "Industrial hygiene and diseases due to
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Traumatic or infectious tetanus is the ordinary kind. Al-
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vical vertebne. It may rarely be secondary to any of the specific fevers. Trau-
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their original source, as, for instance, aconite, ''for sudden de-
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Assistant Surgeon A. S. Polhemus, who, upon being relieved,
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are not bad ; they bear all but the largest operations very
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Fibromata, cases of Curtis, Beitmann, Bibbert's third and fourth
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cate for, and originator of it, and I can unhesitatingly assert that, as regards
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castor-oil was more natural in appearance, but subse-
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prolapse been progressing for some time previously,
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river Thames had become, without metaphor, the common sewer
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M. Cope, Lorain; treasurer, E. Cameron, Lorain; member board of cen-

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