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extended investigation of acidosis and acid excretion in acute lobar

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of the exhalations is a striking diagnostic, and is never

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ever, it should be borne in mind that erysipelas is a disease which varies

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place and the animal was able to stand, walk and drink. In

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the attending physician for necessary information and

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floor, etc., are at one end, the other end of the lot should

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noted, however, that the patient prior to her illness

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been halved and the definitive cures doubled, as com-

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were found to give satisfactory results. At the present day the

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occur on the surface of the body. In some epidemics the petechial eruptions

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ceptibility to measles was destroyed by one attack,

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three atoms of H by two and three atoms of OH. So arise the biatomic

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that one may be led to suspect that the real disease re-

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tage of the X-ray, certainly carry at all times great responsi-

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of the intestine, could be forced along by a squeezing action

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at the breast and about the wrists, a white cravat,

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exhibited the above, which he had removed from a lady aged 38,

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fits the muscles of the left arm contracted, but the arm did not

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never made to stand dampness or bear transportation with-

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its advocates, oan testify to the correctness of this state-

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taxes and the preparation of teachers for the carrying out of a

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viewed. 17 In general, the results have suggested a mild to

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ered as Rh positive when it is to be used as donor blood.

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and responsible, to the extent of our capacity, for our

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over the morass through which the stream flows, carries

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•developed on back of neck. After incision no drainage.

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mended by some authorities, I have not observed any irritant or injurious

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prescribed, enjoy it, and, what is more important, retain it.

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sive projectile had glanced across and torn away all the cover-

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King, directed their attacks against the authenticity of

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the repair of the episiotomy to rule out developing

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A patient consulted me the other day for a " tingling and numb-

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stitutional symptoms, these must be overcome by the

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physema often exists for a long time, and reaches a moderate

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by George Perry and J. B. Elliot. Of the former, the American

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no fact relating to the organization of new formations which gives any

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out speaking of the extraordinary cases related by Morgagni, in

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