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Klein found that the histological appearances in two of the cases diff-
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was there, the father of the Association. May his days on earth
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or 1 to 2 per cent, solution of tannic acid. Kolokoff has also obtained results
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tracting tinnitus in her left ear, with a sensation of confusion in the
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III. That the existent physical well being in the early life of
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ago he fell six feet on vertex of the head. Headache ever since, the pain
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good health and taking a generous diet. Dr. Marsh reports that she
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of an enormous collection of pus surrounding the remains of a
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type No. 1, not over 10% is now due to the same cause. This is
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to hear some of the experiences of the others here in those simple
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minor changes have been made in it from last year, more pages
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chloroform ; freeze the skin with chlor-ethyl, and make a small
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It is a transitional phase which is coming because it offers advantages
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is no more neglectful of his duty than is the citizen of today who
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1. The acoumeter should be able to emit all the sounds perceptive by the
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excellent plan, and no better collection of authors could possibly
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naphthaline, chrysophanic acid, and coloring matters. These solutions
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upon its face when there is much bleeding. This technique is to
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Case 6. General suppurative peritonitis from perforating
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One case of adenoma was reported — a man, forty-seven years
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that is the great care and attention required on the part of the parent or
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biased, as has this Committee. There seems to have been a feeling
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irritation of the medulla oblongata, there is great danger from imperfect
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eases, peritonitis and appendicitis, painful menstruation, and that
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without assistance, and did not seem to be fatigued during quite
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begin until the third day or later ; and may never be more than a
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pass long-retained excrement, twelve days after the operation.
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1. External auditory meatus. 2. Trephine opening. 3. Bony mass on inner side ot
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for a better name the Bolsheviki capitalists, as distinguished from
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of bed and daily irrigation of the pleural cavity was performed with a glass
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Destruction of the epiphysis soon begins, and the necrotic process may
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diagnosis was made, regardless of time, place, or circumstances,
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"It seems almost a sacrilege to divert your attention from what Lieut.
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could be dislocated and the same easily reduced. Parts about hip were
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affection. In some few instances it may not threaten life, but in
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unless they are brought in direct contact with the mouth of the Eusta-
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over the abdomen of the mother after they had placed themselves with
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Criticism of this pamphlet is invited, and the writer would
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of the same process, varying only in different degrees of intensity.
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fifth day after admission, with general peritonitis.
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auditory nerve-fibres, from long-continued compression exerted by the
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lines of Public Health; (3) the education of the Public in matters
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occur), and on the trophic changes caused by nerve injuries. On the
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