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ceived had nothing to do with the production of the caries. Had
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and refutation of equivocal or spontaneous generation; spermatic
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pointments in connection with the German embassies in
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If these issues concern you, we suggest that you make
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tain sanitary rules, whose fulfilment is essential to
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view as the operation proceeds, no vessels ligated, haemo-
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coagulable lymph being thrown out on its inner surface, in some of
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at regular intervals. In some of these vomiiing came on
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medical, scientific, or scholarly publications. (Mass circulation periodicals
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change, and then gives the history of 37 patients treated by epi-
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they must also report failure of the patient to at-
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small in amount to destroy life, and death resulted only after a period
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our remedies. They are no sooner known to exist than they
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normal and patient improved rapidly. On the third day of normal temperature
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chiefly young men from seventeen to twenty-five years of age. They
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With a preface to the French edition by Dr. P. Pachon ; and an Introduc-
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three to six a day, generally two in the morning in quick succession ; in
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Fiat lege artis, let it be made by the rules of art.
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the foot and the whole of the left arm except the hand were paralysed.
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tions of the same, relieved the persistent constipation and uterine soreness.
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pnoea, such animals instinctively slacken their pace and thus an-
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Epileptic dementia is doubtless familiar to every physician and is the result of
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stripes are absent in a variety called S. fasciata mosquito.
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I will call your attention to a slight oversight in your

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