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some are prowling about to gather up the spoils, wherever
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spinal cord, the pons, and finally the medulla. Now the symptoms
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Sello's cases, 15 were under thirty years, 27 under forty years of age.
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according to the nature and duration of the military operations.
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of very recent occurrence may be given, which fully sets forth the
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important hypnotics is given, showing the chemical structure
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As before asserted, since the publication of our work on croup, we have
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but there are many places both in France and the British Isles
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call them now — treating almost de omni re scibili et
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width of the exposed skin of the spine, are frequently soaked in cold
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Fig. 7. Free osmosis. Depressing effect of the addition of KCl, MgClj, and
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determine the Influence of certain Eemedies on the Elimination of
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April 21st, 1854. Francisco Peares Snares, a Portu-
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so many statements that, statistically, it would be
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and back, and males when cut grow more like the mare. There are dif-
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There are yet other relations in which the claims of sani-
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Pathological anatomy. — The distribution of the lesions may be
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which proved very interesting. A negro woman, ag< d 40, had enjoyed
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Principles of Internal Medicine. New York, McGraw-Hill, pp.
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contract annulled, to be the date of discharge or muster
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parts are liable to be affected; but in chicken pox none of these things ever occur. Small pox
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animals, and no such animals must be held in quarantine for a longer period than
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first arrives should wait for his associate a reasonable period, after which the
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often continues good, and digestion is well performed ; while in
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of larval Amblystoma, as seen from the dorsal side, is shown in
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fession would come forward and inform us of their experience
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reliable. My treatment is as follows : The moment the throat
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Cardiac Tonics: ^" ^^-^ Therapeutic Ga::ette for December (from

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