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Tinea Versicolor Oral Treatment Ketoconazole


but also as to the duration of the attack ; yet nothing is more uncertain

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still more like the ear of a quadruped. Taking this for a model, and avoiding

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any new cutifying centres were established by the proceeding, in the hands

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November 13th, Prof. Charles K. Mills, '• Visual Local-

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vessels of the spinal cord must affect the nerve ele-

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drunk as follows, frequently stops hiccough : — Take the glass in the

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have been formed, of which the elaidates of potato and ioda

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the principle it was the first to illostrate. I regard it as possessing

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mind, if it would successfully enquire into that which is most

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the application of the same law of diminution. It is conclusively

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In conclusion, in order to visualize quickly some of the points

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the neck and trunk. Destruction of the trunk center of the cerebral

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Grim, Clarence E.; Junior Assistant Resident in Medicine

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What diseases are characterized by high blood pressure?

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Third. — That in cases where there is fixation of

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5. Avery, O. T. : A Selective Medium for B. influenzae — Oleate Hemoglobin

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the chest. Upon admission there is observed a large, hemispherical, pulsat-

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Graves' Disease : ^^^ ^^^^ American Journal of the Medical Sciences

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multiparas, where the cords were cut at once the aver-

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temporarily keeping back the afflux of blood to a limb which has been previ-

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divided above the tumour, the latter would not admit of being

tinea versicolor oral treatment ketoconazole

Hackett, J.L. Ho (medicine), M.D. Lusky, L.W. Riley

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Rapaport, Samuel I., San Diego, Calif (Feb) 153, (Apr)

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Ihe venous circulation, as in the muscular masses, and in situations

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minutes, and then incision was made in the symphysis, per-

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of the brain, as illustrated by cases observed in the patho-

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number of other companies; he went with Gray Marine

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ences to the very interesting literature of the subject will be

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sick with yellow fever ; ft*om the first day of November

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of the anterior nerve-roots, both in the cervical and lumbar segments.

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flict. No words now could add to what I have on many

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creosote. It is probable that petroleum might be found to have similar control

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accomplished surgeon now requires. In the future we are to


Symptoms. The acute attack may be preceded by premonitory

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